Types Of Crystals And Stones And Their Meanings

Types Of Crystals And Stones And Their Meanings

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the types of crystals and stones and their meanings. Crystals and stones have been cherished for centuries for their beauty, as well as their powerful metaphysical properties. Each crystal variety carries its own unique properties and meanings, offering a wealth of benefits for those who connect with them.

Whether you are new to the world of crystals or a seasoned crystal enthusiast, understanding the meanings behind different crystals can help you navigate your spiritual journey with clarity and purpose. From healing and protection to abundance and spiritual growth, crystals have the potential to enhance various aspects of your life.

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In this guide, we will explore a wide range of crystal types and their meanings. We will delve into their individual properties, including their ability to promote balance, tranquility, creativity, and more. So, grab a cup of tea and embark on a journey of discovery as we unlock the secrets of these beautiful gifts from nature.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Crystals and stones hold unique meanings and properties.
  • Understanding crystal meanings can enhance your spiritual journey.
  • There are various types of crystals and stones to explore.
  • Each crystal resonates differently with individuals.
  • Discovering the right crystal for you can bring positive energy into your life.

Ametrine – Inner Peace, Luck, Calming

When it comes to crystals that promote inner peace, luck, and a calming effect, Ametrine is a powerhouse. This beautiful crystal is formed by combining the properties of Amethyst and Citrine, resulting in a unique gem that offers a harmonious blend of energies.

Ametrine is often chosen by individuals who seek balance and harmony in their lives. The crystal meanings associated with Ametrine make it an excellent tool for achieving a state of tranquility and finding inner peace amidst life’s challenges.

One of the notable crystal meanings of Ametrine is its ability to bring luck into one’s life. The combination of Amethyst and Citrine energies instills a sense of positivity, opening doors for new opportunities and favorable outcomes. This crystal acts as a magnet for good fortune, attracting abundance and prosperity into the lives of those who possess it.

Moreover, Ametrine is prized for its calming effect on the mind and body. Its gentle yet powerful energy helps soothe anxiety, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. By holding or wearing Ametrine, individuals can experience a sense of tranquility and clarity, enabling them to navigate through life with greater ease and composure.

The Properties of Ametrine:

AmetrineInner peace, luck, calming
AmethystSpirituality, protection, clarity
CitrineAbundance, manifestation, positive energy

With Ametrine by your side, the journey towards inner peace, luck, and calming becomes more accessible. Embrace the power of this unique crystal and let its properties guide you towards a more balanced and harmonious life.

Ancestralite – Grounding, Protection, Healing

Ancestralite is a powerful crystal that offers a range of benefits, including grounding, protection, and healing. This unique stone is renowned for its ability to provide sturdy energy, helping individuals establish a deep connection with the earth and remain rooted in the present moment.

With its grounding properties, Ancestralite can assist in bringing balance and stability to your life, allowing you to stay centered amidst the chaos of daily life. By providing a strong foundation, it helps you feel secure and supported, enabling you to tackle challenges with a sense of calm and clarity.

Not only does Ancestralite offer grounding, but it’s also known for its protective qualities. It creates a shield of energy around the user, warding off negative influences and unwanted energies. This crystal serves as a powerful ally in promoting a safe and secure environment, both physically and energetically.

In addition to grounding and protection, Ancestralite possesses remarkable healing properties. It can facilitate emotional healing and provide a sense of comfort during difficult times. This crystal helps release past traumas and connect with ancestral wisdom, allowing for profound healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

“Ancestralite provides grounding, protection, and healing, making it a valuable crystal for those seeking balance, stability, and emotional well-being.”

Whether you’re looking to establish a stronger connection with the earth, create a protective barrier, or facilitate deep healing, Ancestralite is an exceptional crystal to have by your side. Allow its energy to guide you towards grounding, protection, and inner harmony.

Ancestralite Crystal

Angelite – Angelic Guidance, Communication

Angelite is a beautiful crystal that is associated with angelic guidance and communication. Its serene and ethereal blue color captures the essence of angelic realms, allowing you to tap into higher energies and receive guidance from your celestial companions.

Angelite’s energy resonates with a gentle yet powerful vibration that promotes a sense of inner peace and tranquility. When you hold or meditate with Angelite, it can create a harmonizing effect, soothing your mind, body, and spirit.

This crystal is often used to connect with the angelic realm and receive messages and guidance from your guardian angels and spiritual guides. It enhances your intuition and psychic abilities, allowing you to communicate with the higher realms more effectively.

“Angelite has been a game-changer in my spiritual journey. Its calming energy helps me tune into the guidance of my angels and brings me a deep sense of peace. I feel supported and connected to a higher wisdom when I work with Angelite.” – Christine, Crystal Enthusiast

Angelite is also known for its ability to promote compassionate communication and peaceful interactions with others. It encourages you to speak your truth with kindness and clarity, fostering harmonious relationships and effective communication.

Benefits of Angelite:

  • Invokes a sense of inner peace and tranquility
  • Enhances intuition and psychic abilities
  • Connects you with the angelic realm
  • Promotes compassionate communication
  • Supports harmonious relationships
Crystal PropertiesAngelite
ColorLight blue
ChakraThroat Chakra
Zodiac SignAquarius

Apache Tears – Protection, Grounding, Stress Relief

Apache Tears are remarkable crystals with powerful protective and grounding properties. These beautiful stones provide a sense of security and emotional healing, making them sought after by crystal enthusiasts. The unique energy of Apache Tears is known to relieve stress and release negative energy, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Apache Tears

Their dark and opaque appearance, reminiscent of teardrops, is a reflection of their metaphysical properties. Apache Tears have been used for centuries by various cultures for their protective qualities and ability to ward off negative influences. When you hold an Apache Tear, it is as if you are shielded from external stressors, allowing you to navigate challenging situations with strength and resilience.

Apache Tears are like your loyal companions, accompanying you in times of need, and offering steadfast protection and grounding.

Not only do Apache Tears protect and ground, but they also have a unique ability to heal emotional wounds. Like the tears shed during times of sadness, these crystals assist in releasing grief, sorrow, and negativity. They nurture and support the healing process, allowing you to experience emotional relief and find inner peace.

To fully appreciate the power of Apache Tears, it’s essential to understand their crystal properties:

Crystal PropertiesMeaning
ProtectionCreating a shield against negative energy and psychic attacks.
GroundingConnecting you to the Earth’s stabilizing energy, promoting stability and balance.
Stress ReliefCalming the mind, alleviating anxiety, and promoting relaxation.

With their incredible properties, Apache Tears can be treasured companions on your spiritual journey. They offer protection, grounding, and stress relief, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and tranquility.

Blue Apatite – Creativity, Wellness, Motivation

Blue Apatite is a captivating crystal that encompasses the energies of creativity, wellness, and motivation. It is believed to inspire and enhance the ability to express oneself creatively, unlocking hidden talents and imaginative ideas. This beautiful gemstone not only stimulates artistic endeavors but also provides a sense of mental clarity and focus that supports overall wellness and personal growth.

The vibrant blue color of Blue Apatite evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, promoting inner peace and balance. It encourages self-expression and allows individuals to communicate their thoughts and ideas with authenticity and confidence. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or simply someone looking to infuse more creativity into your life, Blue Apatite can serve as a powerful tool to unlock your creative potential.

Furthermore, Blue Apatite is known for its motivating properties, igniting a sense of enthusiasm and drive to pursue goals and aspirations. It acts as a catalyst for change, providing the inspiration needed to overcome challenges and push beyond limitations. With its uplifting energies, Blue Apatite can reignite the flame of motivation and help individuals stay focused on their dreams and desires.

Aside from its creative and motivational benefits, Blue Apatite also contributes to overall wellness. It is said to have a cleansing effect on the aura, helping to remove blockages and negative energies that may hinder one’s well-being. By promoting emotional balance and harmony, this crystal can assist in reducing stress and anxiety, leading to a greater sense of peace and vitality.

Crystal MeaningsKeywords
CreativityUnlocking talents, imaginative ideas
WellnessInner peace, mental clarity, balance
MotivationEnthusiasm, drive, overcoming challenges

In summary, Blue Apatite is a remarkable crystal that offers a myriad of benefits for mind, body, and spirit. From enhancing creativity and motivation to promoting wellness and emotional balance, this stunning gemstone is an essential tool for those seeking personal growth and self-expression. Harness the power of Blue Apatite to unlock your creative potential, ignite your motivation, and find harmony in your life.

Green Apatite – Abundance, Healing

Green Apatite is a stunning crystal that embodies the energies of abundance and positive healing. With its vibrant green color, this crystal attracts prosperity and invites a sense of overflowing abundance into your life. It is believed to stimulate the manifestation of wealth and opportunities, bringing forth a bountiful and fulfilling existence.

Not only does Green Apatite attract material abundance, but it also supports emotional and spiritual healing. By connecting with the heart chakra, this crystal facilitates deep emotional release and aids in the healing of past wounds. It encourages you to let go of limiting beliefs and opens up pathways for love, joy, and fulfillment to flow freely.

This crystal’s healing properties extend beyond the emotional realm, offering physical healing as well. Green Apatite is said to support the body’s natural healing processes and enhance overall well-being. It is believed to stimulate cellular regeneration and boost vitality, providing a renewed sense of energy and vitality.

Green Apatite serves as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. It helps to dissolve blockages and clears the way for personal expansion. This crystal promotes self-discovery, instills a sense of purpose, and encourages you to step into your highest potential.

green apatite

Green Apatite welcomes abundance into your life, both in terms of material prosperity and inner healing. It is a crystal of transformation and growth, inviting you to embrace your potential and manifest your desires.

Whether you seek abundance in your career, relationships, or personal well-being, Green Apatite can be your guiding light. Its vibrant energy uplifts the spirit, instills a sense of optimism, and empowers you to make positive changes. Embrace the power of Green Apatite and open the doors to abundance and healing in your life.

Apophyllite – Uplifting, Joy, Purity

Experience the uplifting and pure energies of Apophyllite, a crystal that emanates high vibrations and positivity. This beautiful crystal is renowned for its ability to bring joy and a sense of overall well-being to those who connect with it.

Apophyllite is often used for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Its powerful energy can help purify the energy in a space, creating a harmonious and uplifting environment. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance or simply looking to infuse your surroundings with positive energy, Apophyllite can be a valuable tool on your journey.

“Apophyllite has brought so much light and joy into my life. Its high vibrations and uplifting energy have helped me on my spiritual path, allowing me to experience a greater sense of joy and purity.” – Crystal enthusiast

The Meaning of Apophyllite

  • Uplifting: Apophyllite carries a powerful energy that uplifts the spirit, promoting a sense of happiness and positivity.
  • Joy: Connecting with Apophyllite can bring feelings of joy and elation, helping you embrace the beauty of life.
  • Purity: This crystal is associated with purity and can help cleanse and purify the energy around you.

Allow Apophyllite to awaken your spirit and fill your life with uplifting energy, joy, and purity.

Aquamarine – Calming, Cleansing, Stress Relief

Aquamarine, meaning “water of the sea,” embodies the calming and soothing energies of the gentle rolling tide. It is believed to have a cleansing effect and can help relieve stress and anxiety. Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal that promotes emotional healing and provides a sense of calm.

With its tranquil blue color reminiscent of clear ocean waters, Aquamarine has long been associated with serenity and peace. This crystal’s gentle energy is known to aid in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, making it an excellent choice for those seeking emotional balance and tranquility. Whether worn as jewelry or placed in a serene space, Aquamarine’s calming properties can bring a sense of calm and clarity to the mind and body.

In addition to its calming effects, Aquamarine is believed to have cleansing properties, both physically and energetically. It is said to assist in purifying the body by supporting detoxification processes and promoting overall well-being. Energetically, Aquamarine is believed to cleanse negative energy and emotions, helping to release any emotional baggage or blockages that may be causing stress or tension. By clearing the energy field, Aquamarine allows for a greater sense of flow and harmony.

Furthermore, Aquamarine is thought to be a powerful crystal for stress relief. Its soothing vibrations help to calm the mind and mitigate the impact of stressful situations. This can be particularly beneficial in times of high pressure or anxiety, allowing for a greater sense of peace and clarity. Aquamarine is also believed to promote self-expression and encourage open communication, which can further reduce stress and enhance emotional well-being.

Aquamarine Crystal Properties
ColorPale blue to greenish-blue
ChakraThroat, Heart
Associated Zodiac SignsPisces, Gemini, Aries
Primary BenefitsCalming, Cleansing, Stress Relief

Overall, Aquamarine is a treasured crystal known for its calming and cleansing properties. Whether you seek relief from stress and anxiety or desire emotional healing and harmony, this beautiful crystal can be a valuable companion on your journey towards calmness and well-being.


Aragonite – Soothing, Cleansing, Release Negativity

Aragonite is a crystal that holds powerful properties for soothing the mind and body, cleansing negative energy, and facilitating the release of negativity. Its gentle and calming vibrations make it a popular choice for emotional healing and creating a sense of peace and clarity.

When it comes to crystal meanings, Aragonite is known for its ability to alleviate stress, tension, anger, and anxiety. Its soothing energy helps to reduce emotional overwhelm and promotes a sense of tranquility. By releasing negative energy, Aragonite encourages a shift towards more positive and uplifting emotions.

This crystal is particularly beneficial for individuals who are seeking emotional balance and support in their lives. It can help to bring harmony to relationships and promote inner peace, creating a nurturing environment for personal growth and wellbeing.

“Aragonite has been my go-to crystal for finding deep relaxation and releasing negativity. Its calming energy has helped me let go of stress and tension, allowing me to feel more at ease and centered.”

One of the key benefits of Aragonite is its cleansing effect. It helps to purify the mind, body, and spirit, clearing away stagnant energy and promoting a sense of renewal. By removing energetic blockages, Aragonite supports personal growth and allows for the flow of positive energy.

Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, create a harmonious living space, or simply find solace in moments of stress, Aragonite can be a valuable companion on your spiritual journey. Its gentle yet powerful energy can bring clarity, inner peace, and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing.

When using Aragonite, it is recommended to hold it in your hand, place it in your environment, or use it during meditation. Its calming properties can help create a serene atmosphere and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

Properties of Aragonite

ColorTransparencyChakraZodiac SignElement
White, brown, yellowTranslucent to opaqueRoot, SacralCapricornEarth

Arfvedsonite – Manifestation, Spiritual Growth

Arfvedsonite is a crystal renowned for its remarkable properties that can reorganize and restructure one’s life. It holds a profound connection to the process of manifestation, making it an invaluable tool for transforming dreams and goals into reality. Moreover, Arfvedsonite is highly regarded for its ability to facilitate spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Arfvedsonite acts as a guiding force, enabling individuals to align their intentions with the cosmic energy surrounding them. By harnessing the power of this crystal, you can enhance your ability to manifest positive change and bring your desires into fruition.

This crystal’s energy resonates deeply with the spiritual realm, allowing it to stimulate spiritual growth and expand consciousness. Through working with Arfvedsonite, individuals can gain valuable insights, embrace self-discovery, and embark on a journey of personal development.

Arfvedsonite acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, unlocking doors to hidden potentials and illuminating the path towards enlightenment.

Moreover, Arfvedsonite possesses a unique vibration that aids in clearing away stagnant, negative energy. This clearing process enables individuals to remove obstacles, paving the way for positive transformation and personal breakthroughs.

Whether you desire to manifest abundance, elevate your spiritual journey, or undertake personal growth, Arfvedsonite is a potent crystal ally that can guide you every step of the way.

Key Properties of Arfvedsonite:

  • Enhances manifestation abilities
  • Assists in reorganizing and restructuring life
  • Fosters spiritual growth and transformation
  • Cleanses and clears negative energy
  • Creates a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms


Astrophyllite – Transformation, Protection, Guidance

Astrophyllite, also known as the Stone of The Self, is filled with a positive energy that is connected to the body. It is believed to aid in personal transformation and provide guidance on one’s life path. Astrophyllite is a valuable crystal for those seeking protection and inner guidance.

When it comes to crystal meanings, Astrophyllite is known for its transformative properties. Its unique patterns and shimmering reflections symbolize the different stages of personal growth. This crystal encourages self-reflection and helps individuals embrace change, allowing them to shed old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Furthermore, Astrophyllite is renowned for its protective qualities. It forms a shield around the aura, safeguarding against negative energies and psychic attacks. This protective shield creates a safe space for personal and spiritual growth, enabling individuals to explore their true potential without fear or interference.

In addition to transformation and protection, Astrophyllite provides valuable guidance on one’s life journey. Its energy is deeply attuned to intuition and higher wisdom. When meditating with Astrophyllite, individuals can tap into their inner guidance system and receive profound insights and clarity.

“Astrophyllite is like a compass, guiding us on our path of self-discovery and growth. It illuminates our inner truth and helps us navigate through life with confidence and clarity.” – Crystal Healer

Whether you’re seeking personal transformation, spiritual protection, or guidance, Astrophyllite is a crystal that can support you on your journey. Its unique properties and energy make it a powerful tool for those who are ready to embrace positive change and uncover their true potential.

Astrophyllite Crystal Properties:

TransformationAstrophyllite aids in personal transformation, helping individuals let go of old patterns and beliefs.
ProtectionThis crystal forms a protective shield around the aura, guarding against negative energies and psychic attacks.
GuidanceAstrophyllite connects individuals to their inner guidance system, providing profound insights and clarity.

Embrace the transformative power of Astrophyllite and allow it to guide you on your journey of personal growth and protection.

Atlantisite – Healing, Kundalini, Positivity

Atlantisite is a powerful crystal that combines the properties of Stichtite and Serpentine. This unique combination creates a stone that calms chaotic energy in the aura, promoting a sense of balance and tranquility. With its soothing energy, Atlantisite is believed to have healing properties that can uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal Properties:

• Calms chaotic energy in the aura

• Promotes balance and tranquility

• Provides healing properties

Kundalini energy, often represented as a coiled serpent, is said to reside at the base of the spine. Atlantisite is believed to help activate and awaken this powerful life force energy, enabling spiritual growth and transformation. It can aid in the release and purification of blockages, allowing the Kundalini energy to flow freely throughout the body.

As Atlantisite promotes positivity and overall well-being, it can uplift the mood and bring a sense of joy and optimism. This crystal is known to enhance self-confidence, promote personal growth, and foster a positive mindset.

Crystal PropertiesHealing Benefits
Calms chaotic energy in the aura• Brings balance and tranquility
• Promotes emotional healing
• Relieves stress and anxiety
Activates Kundalini energy• Awakens spiritual growth and transformation
• Releases blockages
• Allows energy to flow freely
Promotes positivity and well-being• Uplifts mood and mindset
• Enhances self-confidence
• Fosters personal growth

Integrate Atlantisite into your crystal healing practices to experience its powerful effects on healing, Kundalini energy, and positivity. Whether carried as a pocket stone, worn as jewelry, or used during meditation, Atlantisite can bring a sense of harmony and well-being to your spiritual journey.

Atlantisite Crystal

Auralite 23 – Intuition, Healing, Spiritual Growth

Auralite 23 is an extraordinary crystal that combines the properties of numerous minerals, creating a unique and powerful energy. It is highly sought after for its ability to enhance intuition, facilitate healing, and promote spiritual growth.

With its vibrant and mesmerizing colors, Auralite 23 is a captivating crystal that captivates the senses and awakens the inner self. Its deep purple hues are often accompanied by streaks of red, gold, and other enchanting shades.

“Auralite 23 is like a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, opening doors to higher consciousness and facilitating the development of psychic abilities.”

When working with Auralite 23, individuals often experience a heightened sense of intuition and a deep connection to their inner voice. This crystal serves as a guide, helping individuals trust their instincts and make decisions aligned with their highest good.

The healing properties of Auralite 23 are also profound. It is believed to rejuvenate and energize the body, promoting overall physical well-being. Furthermore, this crystal has been known to alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, providing a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

“Auralite 23 has a unique ability to clear energetic blockages, allowing for greater healing and transformation on all levels.”

For those on a spiritual journey, Auralite 23 serves as an excellent companion. Its energy supports spiritual growth, helping individuals expand their consciousness, connect with higher realms, and tap into their divine wisdom.

Explore the amazing properties of Auralite 23 and let its energy guide you on a path of intuition, healing, and spiritual growth.

Properties of Auralite 23:

Crystal MeaningsIntuition, Healing, Spiritual Growth
ColorPurple with streaks of red, gold, and other colors
ChakraCrown, Third Eye
Associated Zodiac SignsAquarius, Pisces

Blue Aventurine – Self Discipline, Inner Strength

Blue Aventurine is an exceptional crystal renowned for its remarkable properties in enhancing self-discipline and inner strength. It serves as a powerful tool for promoting focus, concentration, and determination, making it a valuable asset for individuals striving to achieve their goals.

This mesmerizing crystal empowers individuals with the strength and resolve to overcome obstacles and challenges, providing unwavering support and guidance on their journey towards personal growth and success. Blue Aventurine acts as a constant reminder of one’s inner power and resilience, instilling a deep sense of self-discipline and determination to stay committed to their path.

By harnessing the energy of Blue Aventurine, individuals can cultivate a strong sense of self-control and discipline, enabling them to make consistent progress in various areas of their lives. This crystal acts as a catalyst for positive change, encouraging individuals to push past their limits and tap into their untapped potential.

Blue Aventurine provides the strength to maintain discipline and work towards our objectives, even in the face of adversity. It reminds us that we have the inner power to overcome any obstacles and accomplish what we set our minds to.

Moreover, Blue Aventurine facilitates inner strength by promoting a deep connection with one’s emotions and intuition. It encourages individuals to listen to their inner voice, trust their instincts, and follow their true path. By nurturing a strong sense of self-awareness and inner strength, individuals can navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Benefits of Blue Aventurine:

  • Enhances self-discipline and focus
  • Amplifies inner strength and resilience
  • Fosters determination and perseverance
  • Encourages self-control in various aspects of life
  • Promotes emotional stability and balance

With its captivating blue hues and potent energy, Blue Aventurine serves as a constant reminder of the power within. It empowers individuals to embrace their inner strength and achieve their goals with unwavering determination and self-discipline.

Blue Aventurine

Fascinating Facts about Blue Aventurine:

Crystal PropertiesBlue Aventurine
ColorShades of blue, often with shimmering aventurescence
ChakraThroat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Zodiac SignAquarius, Aries
Numerical VibrationNumber 3
Associated ElementsAir, Water

Blue Aventurine is a remarkable crystal that empowers individuals with self-discipline, inner strength, and the determination to achieve their goals. By harnessing the power of this mesmerizing crystal, individuals can confidently navigate through life’s challenges, trusting in their inner power.


In conclusion, exploring the fascinating world of crystals and stones can bring profound meaning and positive energy to your life. Each crystal type carries its own unique properties and meanings, allowing you to find the ones that resonate with you on your life’s journey. Whether you’re seeking healing, protection, spiritual growth, or abundance, there is a crystal that can support you.

Use this crystal guide to explore the metaphysical properties of crystals and discover their powerful meanings. From Ametrine’s inner peace and luck to Angelite’s angelic guidance, the wide variety of crystals offers something for everyone. Embrace the beauty and energy of crystals and stones, and let them enhance your life in meaningful ways.

By incorporating crystals into your daily life, you can tap into their transformative energy and unlock their full potential. Whether you wear them as jewelry, place them in your home or office, or meditate with them, crystals have the power to uplift your spirit and bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. So take the first step on your crystal journey and experience the profound benefits of these remarkable gifts from nature.


What are the different types of crystals and their meanings?

Crystals come in a variety of types, each with its own unique meaning and properties. Understanding the meanings behind different crystals can enhance your life’s journey and bring positive energy.

What is the meaning of Ametrine crystal?

Ametrine is a powerful crystal that combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine. It promotes inner peace, brings luck, and provides a calming effect. Ametrine is a popular choice for those seeking balance and harmony.

What is Ancestralite crystal known for?

Ancestralite is a grounding crystal that provides sturdy energy and protection. It is believed to have healing properties and helps bring balance and emotional well-being.

What is the significance of Angelite crystal?

Angelite is associated with angelic guidance and communication. It invokes inner peace and tranquility, helping you connect with your inner guidance and communicate with the higher realms.

How do Apache Tears crystals benefit us?

Apache Tears are powerful protection stones known for their grounding properties. They provide support in times of stress, help release negative energy, and are often used for emotional healing and a sense of security.

What does Blue Apatite crystal represent?

Blue Apatite is associated with creativity, wellness, and motivation. It enhances self-expression and provides a boost of motivation. It is often used for healing and overall well-being.

What is the meaning of Green Apatite crystal?

Green Apatite is known for its association with abundance and positive energy. It attracts prosperity and enhances healing abilities. Green Apatite is valuable for those seeking abundance and overall well-being.

What are the properties of Apophyllite crystal?

Apophyllite emanates uplifting energy and high vibrations. It is associated with joy, purity, and overall well-being. Apophyllite is used for spiritual growth and purifying energy in a space.

What are the healing properties of Aquamarine crystal?

Aquamarine embodies calming and soothing energies, relieving stress and anxiety. It has a cleansing effect and promotes emotional healing and a sense of calm.

How does Aragonite crystal benefit us?

Aragonite inspires the release of negative energy and has a soothing effect on the mind and body. It is used for emotional healing, helping release negativity and finding peace and clarity.

What is the significance of Arfvedsonite crystal?

Arfvedsonite helps reorganize and restructure your life. It is associated with manifestation and can assist in bringing your dreams and goals into reality. Arfvedsonite is powerful for spiritual growth and transformation.

How does Astrophyllite crystal benefit us?

Astrophyllite, also known as the Stone of The Self, is filled with positive energy connected to the body. It aids in personal transformation and provides guidance on one’s life path. Astrophyllite is valuable for protection and inner guidance.

What are the properties of Atlantisite crystal?

Atlantisite is a combination of Stichtite and Serpentine that calms chaotic energy in the aura. It has healing properties, helps activate Kundalini energy, and promotes positivity and overall well-being.

What is Auralite 23 crystal used for?

Auralite 23 offers a unique combination of properties from many different minerals. It is associated with intuition, healing, and spiritual growth. Auralite 23 is powerful for enhancing intuitive abilities and connecting with the higher self.

How does Blue Aventurine crystal help?

Blue Aventurine enhances self-discipline and inner strength. It promotes focus and concentration, making it valuable for personal strength and achieving goals.

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